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  • Send an Email to us to initiate a conversation. Include in it what Session you are interested in. During teh first months it will only be open to our current friends. They are the guinea pigs to be sure the setup is sound and the technology and metrics are tracked and can be stored for review at a later time.

    Getting to know us will help you understand this site. First and foremost we are interested in meeting new Villagers. This community is very social and that is why we relocated here from Clarkston Michigan, by way of an 8 year stay in Huntington Beach California. We moved into our home in DeLuna in Dec of 2020 and live in a great neighborhood.

    We do enjoy playing golf. We play couples, just the guys and just the girls foursomes. The guys prefer the Championship courses but play the others as couples and with friends. The girls like the Executive courses but do play the Championship courses from time to time. While playing we like to reward ourselves from the birdie bottle (Moonshine, Goldschläger or Fireball) Need to celebrate those special moments. We like being outdoors with friends and the golf game. Our style of play does abide by the rules. I record my score on the Championship courses and carry a USGA handicap, so when playing with the guys we can competitively compete for a round of drinks. If we play for money which is pretty rare, it's about enough to buy a round of drinks. The majority of our social games are just for fun. We know others are playing, so we do follow proper golf etiquette, especially these five.

    1. No ones cares how you play as long as you are not violation number two.
    2. Keep up the pace of play and be sure you are not holding up your group or others playing behind you.
    3. Play safe / out of the way. Be curtious of others hitting, keep behind them, so no one gets hurt.
    4. Leave no trace. We want the courses in the best possile shape. Rake traps, use sand and fix ball marks.
    5. Control your temper. You’re not good enough to engage in such behavior.
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    Who are we? My name is Ron and my wife Debbie moved to The Villages in late 2020. We met all our new neighbors and enjoy all the social events. We have tried many activities with those on our street, but golf leads the list. I believe it's becasue it doesn't matter how good you are, we all still have fun. 2024 will be the last year of my career in Engineering. I have started to plan for filling my free time, and what better way then to focus more on golf. I want to improve my game and after some research felt a Golf Simulator would help. So we added the Golf Simulator to our Lanai. We did move here for the social part, so we are inviting people to join us, and will open it up to a larger audiance as we get comfortable with it. To start it will be invite only to those already close to us, and will work out a learning process. Then to others as the word gets around.

    In the Simulator you play your own clubs and will hit the simulator Titleist Prov1 RCT golf balls (This is a real golf ball with special properties that the simulator likes). They must be bright white (new) to keep the video impact screen clean.

    Being the simulator setup is new, we do not have loaner equipment at this time.
    Very open to talking and remember its more about social networking than becomming a Profesional Golfer.



  • Sim Golfer Session (60-90 Minutes)

REPEAT Session

  • Sim Golfer Session (60-90 Minutes)

Sessions Package

  • First Time Sim Golfer Session + 2 Returning Sessions
  • Returning Sim Golfer 2 Additional Sessions Pack
  • Returning Sim Golfer 3 Additional Sessions Pack

Simulator Driving Range - With Analytics

  • Weekday (Mon. - Fri.) 1 Small Bucket (30 balls)
  • Weekday (Mon. - Fri.) 1 Large Bucket (60 balls)
  • Weekday (Sat. - Sun.) 1 Small Bucket (30 balls)
  • Weekday (Sat. - Sun.) 1 Large Bucket (60 balls)


WEEKDAY (Mon. - Fri)

  • Simulator Hour - Not Available Yet

WEEKENDS (Sat. - Sun.)

  • Simulator Hour - Not Available Yet

FYI... It typically takes an hour per player to play a full round of golf at a comfortable pace. For example, a foursome would need 4 hours, and for 3 players 3 hours, etc.

Business Hours

  Sunday   TBD
  Monday   TBD
  Tuesday   TBD
  Wednesday   Closed
  Thursday   TBD
  Friday   Closed
  Saturday   TBD

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