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Who are we? My name is Ron and my wife Debbie moved to The Villages in late 2020. We met all our street neighbors and enjoy all the social events. We have tried many activities with those on our street, but golf has risen to the top of the list. I believe it's because it doesn't matter how good you are, we all still have fun. 2024 will be the last year of my career in Engineering, it's time to retire. I have started thinking about filling my free time, and what better way than to focus more on golf. I want to improve my game and after some research felt a Golf Simulator would help. So, we added the Golf Simulator to our Lanai. Being we moved here for the social aspect; we are inviting people to join us.

This is not for those wanting to be professional golfers, we are interested in meeting new people with similar interest. We relocated here from Clarkston Michigan, by way of an 8 year stay in Huntington Beach California. We moved into Phase 1 of DeLuna in Dec of 2020 and pretty much know everyone on the street.

We enjoy playing golf and play all groupings, couples, guys, girls, or whoever just wants to play. We play the Championship courses and the Executive courses. Some of the more regular golfers are priority members with USGA handicaps. While playing we like to reward ourselves from the birdie bottle (Moonshine, Goldschläger or other) need to celebrate those special moments, both good and bad. One congratulates, the other makes you forget. We like being outdoors with friends. Our style of play follows these six guidelines.

1. No one cares how you play, just do not use the course as a practice range.
2. Keep the pace of play, do not hold up your group or others playing behind you.
3. Play ready golf. If you are ready proceed with your next shot.
4. Play safe. Be courteous of others hitting, keep behind them, so no one gets hurt.
5. Leave no trace. Take care of the course. Rake traps, use sand and fix ball marks.
6. Control your temper. You’re not good enough to engage in such behavior.


              Don't be this guy!!

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