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Author - Ron
Title - FlightScope MEVO+

Information on how the system works.

The GOLF LAB utilizes some advanced technology. The technology can be complex to those not into tech stuff, but rather simple to those who are tech savvy. I will try to provide a basic understanding and how the tech works and how the LAB can help YOU become a better golfer.

The Tech

The Mevo+ unit continually sends and receives radar waves using a phased antenna array into the Simulator hitting area. The waves that bounce back, paint a picture within the software. While that is going on the video camera is continually taking video. When a golfer swings and hits a ball, the system isolates the returning radar waves and the video that encompasses that swing. It captures both of these two outputs because, it has been published that radar and video technologies have strengths and weaknesses. The MEVO+ has combined the 2 methods and labelled it "Fusion Tracking". This tracking takes the strengths from both and synchronizes them. Being both are constantly working. So when the system identifies a swing in the radar signature,  it simply trims the video and captures the data. This this the system runs the software algorithms as you watch the ball in flight on the video screen. Then it shows all the data related to that swing.    

Most of us have seen the Happy Gilmore golf swing as well as the long ball drive competition swings and know they are considerably outside a normal golf swing. So how does the system help make you a better golfer.

Let us break the golf swing into 4 sections.

  • 1 - (Backswing) Starts after you set your stance and address the ball. Ends when you start a downward motion with the club.
  • 2 - (Downswing) Starts at the top of the swing when you first make a downward motion until 12" before makng contact with the ball.
  • 3 - (Ball Launch) Starts 12" before impact and continues through hitting the ball and for 12" after making contact.
  • 4 - (Follow Through) Starts after "Ball Launch" and runs through your final motion of the swing.

  • Of these four sections the most important is the Ball Launch section. What you do before and after that section is based on your flexibility and your natural abilities. Just note golf instructors work on the backswing, the downswing and the follow through sections because they want you set up right entering and exiting the Ball launch section. One way of referring to the ball launch section is the "Y" to "Y".

    The "Y" is the arms and club formation when swinging. The club becomes the bottom of the "Y" and your two arms become the upper portions of the "Y". During a golf swing that "Y" shape stays pretty much a "Y" from a foot or two behind the ball to a foot in front of the ball. This is the region that determines the quality of the golf shot. Once the club extends out of these areas, one of the arms tends to bend and the wrists are changing as well. So, the "Y" shape breaks down. This is not a problem if your natural ability brings it back before impact.
    To become a better golfer this system will assist you in showing you what is happening from "Y" to "Y". It will help you understand your swing.

    One of the Mevo+ Data Screens


    Club Speed
    Ball Speed
    Smash Factor
    Low Point
    Angle Of Attack
    Carry Distance
    Total Distance
    Dynamic Loft
    Launch V
    Spin Loft
    Club Path
    Face To Path
    Face To Target
    Launch H
    Spin Axis
    Descent V
    Flight Time
    Shot Dispersion
    Flight Time
    Shot Dispersion
    Flight Time
    Shot Dispersion
    Smash Facto
    Smash Factor Chart
    Sweet Spot


    Each golfer has a unique golf swing. Some look similar to others but very rarely are they the same. It is the parameters above, that when they come together at impact with the ball that makes golf shots good instead of bad, long instead of short, straight not left or right. The first thing to fixing anything is knowing what is causing the problem. Thats where this system comes in. It provides you with knowledge of YOUR swing. Practicing without knowledge is trial and error, and it doesn't fix the problem is usually just compensates elsewhere to minimize it. Practicing with knowledge has you focused on what is making the ball go where you do not want it to go.

    Simulators are amazing devices and have revolutionized golf. If you want to know exactly how far, how high and with how much spin you hit your 7-iron, nothing will give you more accurate data than a launch monitor, also known as a Golf Simulator.

    We store everything and make it available to you online. So, you and if you have an instructor can review your swing to see what you are doing wrong and then construct a plan to correct it quickly.

    Shot ShapesSHOT SHAPES

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