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WELCOME You send us an Email to initiate a conversation. Use the button below as it will ask a few questions.

Update: We are currently testing and calibrating the system. We need to ensure the technology and metrics are accurate, trackable and can be stored for review at a later date.

Callaway Chrome Soft
Simulator Golf Ball
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Simulator Golf Ball

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In the Simulator you will use your own golf clubs (They need to be very clean) and you will hit either Callaway Chromesoft White or Titleist Prov1 RCT golf balls. The balls must be new and bright white to keep the video impact screen clean. Same reason the clubs need to be very clean.

We are very open to talking and remember its about being friendly and social not becoming a Professional Golfer.

1.)  Bring your own golf clubs, glove and (optional) Shoes (No Metal Spikes Allowed).
       Be sure everything is very CLEAN. Wash Clubs and Shoes before coming.

The following two balls (Brand and Type) have been calibrated to our system.
Other balls will probably work but they could report differently, so I am staying with these two in the simulator for consistentcy.
          Callaway Chromesoft White
          Titleist Prov1 RCT

We encourage the social aspect and suggest you bring drinks, just like on the course. We supply the place and the simulator. People have brought beer / nice wine to share. We have even been gifted a nice used Exotic Driver, and a Callaway 3 Wood as a start to a loaner set were building. We would like to have a spare set of clubs on hand. That way there would be a set available for someone who doesn't have any or are from out of town.
All Session are 1-Hour Long

COST - Bring 6 never hit before (New) golf balls. (Your donation to the Simulator)
They can be any of the following:
    1.) Callaway Chromesoft (STD or X) All White, No Colors, No Lines, No Markings
    2.) Titleist Prov1 STD, RCT, AVX, V1, V1x, V1X Left Dash (All White)

Sessions Available include:
    1.) Swing / Shot Analysis Session + Video of you
           We will track Ball Speed, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Apex Height,
            Launch Angle, Spin Axis, Ball Spin, Attack Angle, Launch H (left/right °),
            Launch V (up °), Carry, Roll Out, Total Distance, Lateral Landing, Shot Type
    2.) Club and Club Face Analysis Session +Video
           Low Point, Club Path, Face to Target, Face To Path, H-Plane, Dynamic Loft,
           V-Plane, Descent V, Curve, Club Speed Profile, Club Acceleration Profile
           Ball Impact Location on Club Face, Heat Map on Club Face per club
    3.) Range Practice with Analysis Session +Video
           Ball speed, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Carry, Face to Target,
           Face To Path, Dispersion, Parameter of choice
    4.) Custom Analysis Session +Video
           You select the Data parameters you want to see.

Business Hours

  Sunday   TBD
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  Saturday   TBD

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Corder Run
The Villages, Fl. 32163

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