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WELCOME You send us an Email to initiate a conversation. Use the button below as it will ask a few questions.

If the button does not work, send an email to
In the Simulator you will use your own golf clubs and you will hit Callaway Chromesoft All White golf balls. The balls will be new and bright white, as that is a requirement to keep the video impact screen clean and white.

We are very open to talking and remember its about being friendly and social not becoming a Professional Golfer.

1.) Bring your own golf clubs, glove and (optional) Shoes (No Metal Spikes Allowed).
Be sure everything is very CLEAN. Wash Clubs and Shoes before coming.

The simulator uses Callaway Chromesoft White golf balls. Other balls will work but I just don't have them. If you want to hit your type of ball, please bring two (2) NEW sleeves (6 balls) when you come. No markings can be on the balls as they may transfer to the screen. The balls will be a donation to our golf bag as we add a metalic dot on them to make the system more accurate. I encourage you to bring balls so you can compare the shots hit here to those hit on the course.

Here is a link to the ball we use - Callaway Chromesoft White
This is a social event, just like a fun round of golf. Please bring drinks, beer/wine. Keep in mind every one hour session takes two hours. You need breaks and time to review the analytics. We have also started to collect some newer used clubs to build a loaner set. We currently have a nice used Tour Edge Exotic Driver, a Callaway Big Burtha 3 Wood and a few putters as a start. If you have any clubs that are collecting dust in your garage, please think about donating them to help us complete a set. Having a few extra clubs here is also fun when you someone wants to try something different.

     All 1-Hour Sessions take 2 hours (Prep, Warm-Up, Breaks, etc.)

COST -- There is a $40 session fee.
     OR -- Ron gives out Free Session Coupon Cards 

  Please keep in mind that this is a social event where you learn about your swing and have fun. You are not turning Pro. Please bring beer, wine, snacks, etc. to keep it a social event.

1.) Make a reservation. Each reservation is a 2 hour block. Use the Email link above.
2.) Arrive, please be a bit early to start on time as others may have booked after you.
3.) We Start - I will introduce you to the Simulator. This will mostly be a safety briefing.
4.) I'll will then create your tag name in the computer to retain your statistics under.
5.) You will warm up by hitting a few balls with a 7 or 8 iron. While I enter your Info.
6.) When ready - We will then start the session of your choice.
       * Keep in mind we cannot work on everything in one session.
       * We will also take breaks as you cannot go continuously for an hour.

Session are approximately 40 to 50 recorded swings. Could be more or less depending on the level of swing analysis we go into. Sessions must end in two hours as that is when the next reservation starts.

Suggested Session Sequence. You need S1 to get benefit from the system analytics. Having numbers and nothing to compare them to, makes them just numbers:
    S1.) Understand Your Swing  - Swing / Shot Analysis Session + Video
            We will look at your current swing, your grip, stance, posture, and your flexability
            Also Ball Speed, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle,
            Club Path, Face to Target, Face to Path, Launch Angle, Spin Axis,
            Launch V (up °), Carry, Roll Out, Total Distance, Lateral Landing, Shot Type
    S2.) Working on Your Swing - S1 plus Club and Club Face Analysis Session + Video
            We will look at Club Low Point, Club Path, Face to Target, Face To Path, H-Plane,
            Dynamic Loft, V-Plane, Descent V, Curve, Club Speed Profile, Acceleration Profile
            Ball Impact Location on Club Face, Heat Map on Club Face per club
    S3.) Fine Tune Problem Areas - Range Practice with Analysis Session + Video
            Ball speed, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Carry, Face to Target,
            Face To Path, Dispersion, Parameters of choice
    S4.) Fun Session +Video
            You select the Data parameters you want to see.

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