THE GOLF LAB ~ Simulator




    Identifying Areas of Weakness: Helps you identify areas of weakness in your swing, stance and club path.
    Tracking Progress: Monitoring personal launch data, you can track your progress over time and see how you improve.
    Fitting Equipment: Help you choose the right golf club for your game based on your unique golf swing.
    Improving Course Management: Make smarter decisions, choose the right club or adjusting your aim based on your tendencies.

Session Highlights

  Video Swing / Club / Club Face Analysis
      * Multi View Camera Video
      * Swing Analytics
      * Online Review of Data and Videos
      * Ball Trajectories
      * Shot Shape
      * Slice / Hook / Push / Draw Analysis
      * Club Suggestions
      * Ball Trajectories
      * Angles Of Attack
      * Club Data Analytics
      * Club Face Analytics
      * Ball Data Analytics

Sweet Spot


  * 12 Foot Golf Screen Simulator
  * Advanced 3D Modeling 
  * Full Golf Hole View
  * 20+ Rotating Courses
  * 1, 2, 3 or 4 Players
  * Drivers, Woods, All Irons, Putter
  * System Maintains All Statistics
  * Multiple Practice Ranges
      ** Target Fairway
      ** Distant Targets
      ** Approach Greens
      ** Chipping Targets

Sweet Spot

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Corder Run
The Villages, FL

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