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Swing Analysis

Swing Analysis

Swing and Ball Analysis Session

In this 1-hour Swing Analysis session you just hit balls. We capture swing video and control data on each swing. We then immediately review that swing and the important analytical parameters showing you exactly what just happened during your swing. You will understand why the ball went where it did. The system will show the data and I will inform you on how it impacts the outcome. Then we look to improve the next swing. The data will show you why you slice, hook, push, draw, etc. This knowledge allows you to improve where it is needed. You make a small adjustment while hitting the next ball and then we see how it altered the outcome. We continue this for an hour, continually improving, getting you comfortable with the improvement. Most people leave with a feeling that they have more control over what is happening in there swing. Sample data captured includes:

        Club Path and Club Face position
        Club Head Speed and Ball Speed
        Smash Factor
        Spin Axis and RPM's
        Ball Carry, Roll and Total Distance
        The Shot Type

Each swing is video recorded. It captures you from multiple view angles, allowing you to identify what your body is doing and how that impacts and ultimately ball flight.

The system focus is the "Y" to "Y" portion of your swing. Here is a quick understanding of what the "Y" to "Y" is. Full details are in the sites blog page.
Y 2 Y
Y to Y 2
Y to Y 3
Y to Y 4
Club Analysis Session
Y to Y 4
Y to Y 4

The Club Analysis provides a 3D graphical view of the club head from your swing. This analysis tracks and shows a rotatable graphic of your golf club head from your swing. It tracks from prior to to after contact with the ball. It reveals if you are swinging in-to-in, in-to-out or out-to-in. It also captures where on the face of the club you made contact with the ball. You will view results of the following:

        Club Face relative to the Club Path
        Club Face relative to the Target Line
        Club Face Angle of Attack
        Club Acceleration Profile
        Club Speed Profile
        Club Path
        Club Head Speed at Impact
        Club Face Heat Map
        Carry Distance
        Shot Type
        Total Distance
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Y to Y 4


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