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Swing Analysis

Swing Analysis

Multi-Camera Video Swing Analysis

The FlightScope Golf Video Swing Analysis captures and provides a clear video playback of your swing from address through swing finish. It will be able to show you how subtle changes in you swing can affect your overall play. This will allow you to focus on adjusting your swing based on accurate ball outcome and club angles, which are displayed on the simulator screen. For example:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Swing Path
  • Club Face Angle at Impact
  • Ball Spin
  • Smash Factor

The video swing analysis uses cameras to capture both in front of you and down the target line of your swing.

The video swing analysis system allows you to identify what your body is doing and how that impacts the club path and ultimately the ball flight.

"Y to Y Process"
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Y to Y 2
Y to Y 3
Y to Y 4
Y to Y 4

Club Analysis

Y to Y 4
Y to Y 4

The Analysis provides a 3D graphics view of the club head of your swing. The analysis provides a 3D rotatable graphic of your club prior to and after contact with the ball. See if you are Swinging in-to-in, in-to-out or out-to-in. ub. You will get analytic results of the following:

  • Club Face telative to the Club Path
  • Club Face relative to the Target Line
  • Club Face Angle of Attack
  • Club Head Acceleration
  • Smash Factor
  • Shot Type
  • Club Head Speed at Impact
  • Carry Distance
  • Shot Height
  • Total Distance
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