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Facility with HD Golf Simulator

This is a full golf simulator with analytical tools. It has a 12 foot impact screen to hit real golf balls into. We call it the Barter Golf Lab. The technology is a Flightscope Mevo+. It uses 3D Doppler radar and video cameras. Your golf shot is recorded with both technologies. Then after each shot and in less than a few seconds, the two are synchronized and analyzed. The output is visual on big screen. You get to see a video of your swing and take a look at the dat.  You learn graphically what you are doing well and where improvement is needed. In a single session a golfer will learn the anwser to the big question.

    WHY DO I ______? You fill in the blank (Slice, Hook, Go Right, Go Left, Hit Fat or Thin.
No more randomly selected Youtube golf training videos or buy this gadget that works magic. It is not about everyone, it's about you. Your swing and what you need to do to get better.

The concepts are realativly simple. The Golf Simulator combines the 2 measuring methods (Radar and Video) and with a little golf physics/calculations which is called Fusion Tracking, you get to see the "How" and "Why" of your swing. The system continually tracks your movement, the path of the club, the speed of the club, the club face (open/closed), the ball (how it spins, how fast it spins, the axis of rotation, the trajectory angles, the carry distance, and the roll distance). Then just after you hit the golf ball into the impact screen, the simulation will graphically show you the complete ball flight of your shot. It then reports to you information about what happened during your swing. We can play back the shot video and whatch your swing so you can see what you do. After repeating this for a couple dozen balls, patterns will emerege and you begin to learn why the ball goes where it goes when you hit it. Ron helps you understand the data and what it means to your swing. In a single session you will know where YOUR swing needs improvement. This starts you practicing either on your next round or at the range improving based on YOUR body rotation, YOUR flexability, YOUR arms, YOUR wrists, YOUR club, and YOUR swing.

As an FYI... In the Lab we analyze swings, we practice on a simulated range, or in simulated games. We even play full 18 hole rounds of golf at world class golf courses that have been digitized for simulation use. Inclement weather will rarely be an issue as we are in a covered outdoor area. The Barter Lab is located in the Village of DeLuna close to the Waterlily Recreation Center.

Call (248) 762-9992 for a Session. Reservations are always required.

About Our Sessions



The swing analyist at the Lab will analyze your Driver Swing, Fairway Woods Swing, Iron Swing using the High Definition Golf Simulator while you hit Titleist ProV1 RCT golf balls. These are specialized golf balls that carry a radar signature. The Lab with its diagnostics can perform a precise shot analysis of every part of a golfers swing in real-time.




As we mature we will open up Individual or Couples to come hit balls (like on a range). The goal of the system is to present golf as a progressive set of workable challenges to the beginning players while also being broad enough to differentiate the smallest variations on the Advanced Player.




Playing a round of golf at a world class golf course is reserved to those utilising the swing analyzer as it provides swing analytics while playing 18 holes. The Golf Simulator looks and plays similar to being on the actual golf course - revolutionary image processing software combines high resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models to produce a totally realistic golf experience




Chipping the place to cut strokes from yur game can also be practiced on the simulator. The chipping games are fun while practicing. With targets to shoot for at various distances.



L.A.B. Golf Direted Force Putters

We practice our putting on the simulator turf area while the system tracks the club and the ball. We have  two holes within the turf hitting area to practice up to 15 foot puts.


Ron will be your Golf Swing Analyist
Experienced Analyist

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